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Before diving into this let me start by saying as “Apple Fan Boys” go I’m the king of the castle. I love Apple and everything they make down to the paper clip to eject your SIM card.  I think they’ve missed the mark with their latest announcement and I don’t think you need it. Here’s why:

1. You Have a Smart Phone

The Apple Watch is a companion device for your iPhone. What does this mean? It doesn’t function properly without an iPhone in tow. There is nothing the Apple Watch does that the iPhone doesn’t do either natively or via an app.
If it’s the exercise functions you like, there are a ton of devices out that interface with your iPhone for a fraction of the price of the watch.

2. Too Connected

Let’s be honest. We are all too connected. Constantly checking our social media feeds, e-mails texting, etc. Do we really need something else to make this obsession more convenient?  You can take your phone out of your pocket to respond to a text – if you’re driving you shouldn’t be responding anyway.

3. Principle / Consumerism

We don’t need more things to buy. A new iPhone once every year or two can be justified.  If you have millions I guess $350 is a drop in the bucket but for the majority of the population that $350 could go a long way toward your debt or helping a person in need. You don’t NEED more stuff.

4. It Doesn’t Solve a Problem

The iPhone combined the PDA, phone, camera and so much more into a highly useful device. I’d venture to say that the iPhone is the greatest invention in the world in the last 50-75 years. If it weren’t for flight and the automobile I’d put it in the 100 year category. (light, vaccines, etc are all great too…you get my point.)

The iPad didn’t really solve a problem but it did revolutionize mobile computing. This is obvious with those (parents) that are less computer savvy that can zip their way around an iPad.

The Watch is a small portal to your iPhone…that is in your pocket.  Why do you want to look at a photo or map on your wrist when you can see it larger simply by taking your phone out or picking it up.

All this being said I do think there could be some neat future applications for the watch but it’s not there yet and it’s not a need, it’s a convenience.

5. Price

This is huge to me.  I honestly would take it for a test drive for $150-$175.  Let’s be honest.  It’s a $350 iPod nano. For $50 more you can have an iPad mini.

* There are some assumptions being made in this post.  Apple hasn’t told us everything about the watch so if some things turn out to be different I may change my opinion.

If the watch has decent storage and can function independently for exercise, is waterproof and gets a price drop then we’ll talk about the 5 reasons you should consider the Apple Watch but until then…