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20 May Person Not Position

So many companies are stuck in the mindset of the industrial revolution.  A person is looked at merely as a cog in a wheel or a process on an assembly line.  Those days are gone and companies/organizations need to look at people as valuable assets...

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01 Nov Toxic Leadership

As a leader we have around eight to ten hours in a day of influence on those around us. With social media outlets, your influence can extend 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Are you an encouraging leader, are you a vision casting...

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You need to set yourself some boundaries.  As a leader, an employee and just in life in general you need boundaries. Leaders Have some boundaries where communication is concerned.  Is it a weekend or after hours? You probably don't need to send that "urgent text". What...

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25 Oct Why We Pander

Recently I read a post from marketing guru Seth Godin entitled "The Problem With Pandering" which sparked my though for this post.  Of course I took his concepts and applied them in the circles I work in daily, mainly the church world. To pander is essentially...

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06 Jul Little Creators

“I wish I was creative.” If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that I’d have at least ninety six dollars. And this is where we begin. I’ve worked for years in the creative industry. As a designer and photographer I’ve been around many conversations that...

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06 Dec Action vs. Recation

I've worked or done work with many people that don't understand the difference between action vs. reaction.  More specifically being proactive vs. reactive.  Many times businesses are run from the hip and decisions are made out of crises management (or what seems like a crisis)...

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