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I was talking with a friend who was asking about ideas for his illustration for when it came his turn to take up the Sunday morning offering.  He wanted a video, story…something – something that would stick.

This same friend has a toddler so he understood when I said, “Why in church do we play Here Comes the Airplane”?  With toddlers, we have to convince them they need to eat, they don’t realize it’s good for them so they have to be tricked.  Have we as a Church not moved beyond the gimmicks? When it comes to Biblical principles we don’t need to be tricked much less spoon fed.  If a message is for the baby Christian then I get it.  Otherwise, it’s time as a Church we eat our dinner because it’s what we do, it’s good for us.  Give because it’s what we do, worship because it’s what we do. Don’t wait for the airplane to move you into action, do it because it’s what you learned long ago and you know will benefit you.