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Bryan Scott

08 Jul They & Self

I had a thought the other day. This thought was of two unseen figures. Unseen, yet the two most powerful influences known to man. These figures are called They and Self. They has a mighty voice and a swaying tongue and is nearly as old as time itself. Self is...

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06 Jul Little Creators

“I wish I was creative.” If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that I’d have at least ninety six dollars. And this is where we begin. I’ve worked for years in the creative industry. As a designer and photographer I’ve been around many conversations that...

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26 Apr Perspective

As Americans we have a daily opportunity to approach everything we do with a variety of attitudes.  I'd venture to say that the majority of the American public loathes their day job and given the opportunity would work full time on something else if they...

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06 Dec Action vs. Recation

I've worked or done work with many people that don't understand the difference between action vs. reaction.  More specifically being proactive vs. reactive.  Many times businesses are run from the hip and decisions are made out of crises management (or what seems like a crisis)...

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