Bryan Scott

14 Apr Paper Dreams

I think daily about the number of people working in jobs that have nothing to do with what they LOVE to do.  I can't imagine waking up daily and going to a job that doesn't inspire me.  This guy turned a hobby and passion into...

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20 May Person Not Position

So many companies are stuck in the mindset of the industrial revolution.  A person is looked at merely as a cog in a wheel or a process on an assembly line.  Those days are gone and companies/organizations need to look at people as valuable assets...

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15 Nov Pixar’s 22 Rules of Story Telling

1. Admire characters for attempting more. 2. Keep in mind what’s interesting to you. 3. Get to the end of the story. Then rewrite. 4. Once upon a time there was… 5. Simplify and focus. 6. Challenge your characters. 7. Endings are hard. Come up with your ending before doing your...

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