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I am a creative leader in the Atlanta 'burbs but available world wide.

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What drives me

Created to create

I believe that creativity resides within all of us. For some, it takes on a capital 'C,' translating into artistic pursuits, while for others, it assumes a lower case 'c,' expressing itself through numbers, spreadsheets, teaching, and various other highly significant moments that society might not conventionally label as 'creative.'

I see design as the point of convergence for these expressions. Design serves as the language that connects the Creative with the creative, forging a delicate balance of understanding and comfort within humanity.

Beautiful design possesses the power to unlock and dismantle communication barriers. It aids in finding a cure for cancer or simply makes your morning commute a little more tolerable. Design knows no bounds; it is accessible to anyone and everyone because, at our core, we are all creative. Each of us exists here, in some way, to create, to inspire, and to be inspired.

my history

People over Pixels

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Early Career

I Studied Computer Science.
I know exactly where I was the day the iPhone was introduced which was also the day Flash died...RIP.

Where I thrive

I love working through the non-obvious part of a brand or incorporating innovative ideas. I always strive to simplify.

Into the future

AI is all the rage and I believe we as creatives have a larger role to play than ever before. We are the conductors, the story tellers and deliverers of empathy.

My experience is what has shaped my skill-set

To this day, I'm proud of what I've created, and continue to use my skills in consulting and brand development to help countless businesses succeed.


Bounteous, Creative Director

My responsibilities included leading a client roster of 12 brands and an internal team of 8 as well as contribute to biz dev and internal processes.

T3, Associate Creative Director

Led the remote and local creative UPS corporate engagement team.

Publicis Sapient, Senior Art Director

Product design concept to delivery for a large client roster including Delta, Michelin, Whole Foods, Chrysler/Jeep, Ad Week, IHG, The Ritz Carlton and many more.

Free Chapel, Creative Director

Built an in-house creative team and standardized marketing & registration processes around large events facilitating 10K+ attendees as well as weekly activities for a multi state, multi campus church and international non-profit.